Our audit team are experts in developing note based and cost-effective audit plans.

Many organisations are required by law or regulations to have their financial statements independently audited. We advise on specific requirements, including possible alternatives, such as voluntary audits and independent examinations, which can provide assurance without undertaking a full statutory audit.

For many businesses, an external audit is not an insignificant overhead for what they perceive as very little return, especially if the company is essentially privately owned.

We have several clients who have partnered with us to simply produce their statutory accounts together with iXBRL tagging for HMRC filing purposes.

We are not city centre based and can offer the best value, cost-effective audits.

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    Meet our Audit Team

    Neil Smith Senior Partner

    Neil Smith
    Audit Partner

    John Bennett Audit Manager

    John Bennett
    Audit Manager

    Ben Greenaway
    Chartered Accountant

    Francesca Hems
    Chartered Certified Accountant

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