Audits from Folkes Worton

Our dedicated Audit Team will work with you through every step of the audit process, year-to-year, to ensure Management’s involvement is minimised and our audit remains cost-effective.

Many organisations are required by law or regulations to have their financial statements independently audited. We will advise on specific requirements, including possible alternatives, such as parental guarantees and independent examinations, which can provide assurance without undertaking a full statutory audit.

The aim of our Audit Team is to confirm the truth and fairness of your financial statements and compliance with financial standards. However, to us this is just the start of our journey, working with you as a valued client. From our initial engagement we will ensure we gain a full understanding of how your business operates and will provide feedback that can support key business decisions. We can integrate and work alongside most mainstream financial systems minimising time invested by Management and taking the stress out of the audit process.

Our approach to an audit stems from our investment in collaboration technology and software specifically aimed at simplifying, whilst at the same time improving audit quality.

Specialist Sectors

We work with many clients in a wide range of sectors including construction, manufacturing, energy, charities and education.

Specialist Services

  • Statutory audit
  • Shareholders voluntary audit
  • Audits under solicitor accounts rules
  • Audits of Schools and Academies
  • Audits of Charitable organisations and Trust

If you have an audit approaching and would like to discuss how we could help or discuss the requirements for an audit please free to contact:
John Hegney –

Audits – FAQs

Why might my company need a Statutory Audit?

If your business matches 2 of the following 3 criteria, you will require an Audit by law:

  • Turnover exceeds £10.2m
  • Total Assets over £5.1m
  • 50 or more (as an average) Employees

Why would I choose for my business to have a Voluntary Audit?

Some businesses elect to have a voluntary audit as it provides a company with financial information that evaluates the business’s performance and can add credibility to a business’s financial position as well as giving shareholders and investors assurance on the business.

Do subsidiaries require an Audit?

Not necessarily. Some subsidiaries can be exempt from Audit if they meet certain criteria and a parent company guarantee is provided. If you think this may apply to you, please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Meet the Audit Team

John Hegney
Audit Partner
Neil Smith
Senior Partner
Nigel Meredith
Senior Partner
John Bennett
Chartered Certified Accountant
Ben Greenaway
Chartered Accountant
Francesca Hems
Chartered Certified Accountant