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Bricklayer turned accountant is jailed

An Essex based financial adviser has admitted tax fraud and has been jailed for five years. He set himself up as tax adviser despite having no financial qualifications. He had previously worked as a bricklayer and his clients were mainly made up of crane drivers, builders and other construction industry workers. The "financial adviser" assisted his clients in making fraudulent claims for travel and subsistence payments, but HMRC investigators found that these payments had been covered by their employers. Over £1.5m was stolen from the public coffers with the offender pocketing over £300k and the rest going to his clients. He also failed to register as a tax agent with HMRC as legally required, did not complete due diligence checks on his clients and failed to keep the records required by the Money Laundering Regulations.Additionally, he faces a confiscation hearing under Proceeds of Crime legislation to recover funds obtained by deception.Readers, who are not our clients, and are concerned they may not be receiving correct or best advice, please call so we can consider your options.