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Category: Stamp Duty Land Tax

Tax Update December 2022

Tax Increases and Public Spending Cuts The new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt had warned the public and the financial markets that his Autumn Statement would include ‘eye-watering’ cuts in public spending and tax rises for those with the ‘broadest shoulders’. Unlike the ill-fated Fiscal Event of 23rd September, the Government ‘rolled…

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Autumn Statement News 2022

Here’s a brief overview of today’s Autumn Statement from the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt: Personal Tax Reduction in the 45p threshold to £125,140 from £150,000 (this will cost Additional Rate Taxpayers £1,250) All other allowances and thresholds to remain the same until the end of March 2028 (which means that the…

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New Stamp Duty surcharge announced

A new consultation has been launched by HM Treasury together with HMRC seeking views on the design of a new 1% Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) surcharge on non-UK residents purchasing residential property

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SDLT payment deadline to be reduced

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is a tax that is generally payable on the purchase or transfer of land and property in England and Northern Ireland. It is also payable in respect of certain lease premiums.

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Stamp duty and leasehold property

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is payable whether you buy a freehold property, a new or existing leasehold property or a shared ownership property. SDLT has been replaced in Scotland by the Land and

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