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  • Holes in COVID-19 Support

Plugging the holes in Coronavirus Support Schemes

Over the last three to four months, the Government has implemented vast emergency measures, handing out millions of pounds to support businesses and individuals through the COVID-19 crisis.

However, there are some categories that have been overlooked so far. These include recently employed workers who had not made it onto the payroll and could not be furloughed; newly self-employed people who have not yet submitted a tax return; those whose profits exceed £50,000; directors who earn via dividends; and employees on short-term PAYE contracts.

As we slowly move towards the ‘new normal’, it is hoped that the Government will review these holes in their support. At Folkes Worton, we are constantly monitoring developments in the Government’s aid for business and individuals. If you fall into one of the overlooked categories, contact us on 01384 376964 to see if we can help with information and guidance.

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