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  • What can an Employee working from home claim for?

What an employee can claim for when working from home?

Employees working from home can qualify for tax relief, Folkes Worton can help identify which expenses are allowable.

  • If you work from home on a regular basis you can claim a tax relief, this is only if you are being told to work from home not if you are choosing too. Best thing to do to prove this is to write up a home working agreement. 
  • An employer can pay you £6 a week to cover additional costs instead of claiming the tax relief.
  • Costs which an employee can claim for include: Phone calls, Gas and electricity extra cost, additional insurance and extra water used. 
  • You can no claim costs such as: Mortgage, rent, council tax or water rates as well as broadband.
  • An employer can provide you with office furniture as long as private use is insignificant. If you are provided with a phone sim card then this is tax irrespective whether there Is private use or not. 
  • If an employee provides the computer used then they may be entitled to a deduction in capital allowances for depreciation.
  • Employers can reimburse in full the purchase of stamps or stationary but when it becomes something bigger like a monitor it is advisable to seek tax advice.
  • An Employee could claim a mileage allowance if they are registered to work form home but some days they are required to travel into work.