Enterprise Management Incentive Schemes (EMIS)
To retain and reward key staff.

  • Could your business not run without a certain employee?

  • If you become unwell or less able to work, is there someone who you could manage/sell/close the business on your behalf?

  • Have you got an employee who has worked for you for years that you would like to reward?

  • Is there a ‘high flyer’ you would like to attract who will be motivated longer term by the opportunity of participating in the growth of the business?

  • If you are building your business to sell, are there key employees whose help you need and you would like to reward tax efficiently?

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    100% HMRC Approved Schemes

    Working with Other Professionals
    We are happy to work
    with your
    Accountants and Solicitors

    Tax Efficient for you and your employee(s)

    You Have Full Control
    Allows employees to participate in the growth in value of a company without owning shares.

    Case Study 1

    A local craft brewery needed to recruit a top salesperson to help them upscale the business with a three to five year plan to sell. The salesperson was recruited not by a bonus, but share options on 10% of the business. During the three years of the plan, the value increased from £500,000 to £5 million and on completion of the sale, the employee came away with £450,000, which was subject to 10% tax. Happy days for all involved!

    Case Study 2

    A manufacturing company employed a key works manager – who was very important to production. He was incentivised by being granted an option to buy 5% of the company when sold at the valuation price 5 years ago when the option was granted. The company and employee continue today, though there is now some talk of a retirement sale in the next 2 years.

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